Abandoned Cart sessions

Is there any way in onCourse to capture information about sessions that end in abandoned carts? That is, someone has started the enrolment process, but has not completed it.

Hi Matt

That’s in current development. We’ve already implemented parts of this:

  • collecting the abandoned cart data
  • transmitting it into the onCourse backend system

We haven’t yet figured how to display or report on this, but the information is already there. We want to write some message templates a reminder can be sent to the student that they have some items in their cart.

What would you like to be able to do with that data?

Hi Ari,

I’d be looking to do exactly what you’re looking at - generating reminder emails for those people to complete their enrolment.

If that data is already been collected, could there be a way to cross-check the abandoned cart sessions with subsequent enrolments via other methods. For example, someone abandons the online enrolment but then calls up and is enrolled by our team over the phone would not need to be prompted to finish their enrolment. Though that would depend on what data is collected.

Hi Matt & Ari,

I look forward to this functionality and to not only have a retargeting audience but also speak with these perspective customers to learn their reasons for abandoning their cart.

This will allow us to continually improve the customer experience and journey.