Add Cron scheduling to Automations listing

Hi James, when I make a script I usually use the custom option to set it up so scripts execute at certain times so as avoid having them all execute at the same time to prevent overloading the system.

I was wondering if it might be possible to add in on the Automations listing when the next time the script is due to trigger? That way we can see where there are gaps in when scripts are being executed for new scripts that are created so we can slot them in where required.

It’d look a little something like this for example:

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Hey James,

Are these for really specifically set crons? In the trigger section we have some daily triggers that run at roundabout times. The morning one runs around 6am and the evening one runs around 8pm, give or take 15 minutes either side of the hour.

Either way I don’t mind the idea and can certainly see its use.

Hi James, I think so yeah. Only apply to “Schedule - Custom” options or maybe with the “Schedule - Daily” options, it doesn’t need to actually state when it triggers just have it shown as this instead:

Next scheduled
Daily morning (about 6am)

Could also apply the same to all non-Schedule triggers too?