Are you a RTO? Do you do funded-training?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to either of the questions in the subject, we have some questions for you to help us work out how we can improve onCourse by collating data in some specific ways. If you could answer our questions in a reply below, they’ll go a long way towards helping us work out which direction would be the most useful for as many of you as possible.

Once a class has commenced, what information do you look for to understand how well a student is progressing or to identify any students or tutors who need following-up?

If the information you use isn’t in onCourse, where does that information come from, and what is it?

We use an excel spreadsheet to track the students progress and follow up students and tutors/assessors. The information we use is the student’s name, Commitment ID, the units of competency they are completing, date submitted, date marked competent, the initials of the assessor. We use a colour coding system for assessment submitted, resub requested, assessment due now and marked competent. We find this works well.