Assessment grading

We are working on a new assessment submission grading concept. Whether you grade by hand or in an external tool like Canvas or Cloud Assess, you’ll be able to record individual assessment grades in onCourse.

First you’ll be able to set up grading types. Here are the types that will be already available to you:

Note that there are two types of grading: by choice list or by number. If you just want to score (out of 10, 100 or anything you like) then you choose Number. If you want a drop down set of options (A, B, C, D, F) then you can have that too.

Note that drop down choices will still map to a percentage score so that later on you can combine those assessment scores to create an overall grade.

Each assessment task can be given a grading type and then when you record the assessment submission in onCourse you’ll be given the appropriate option to record the score. For a numerical score like this:

Or for a choice list like this:

This feature should land in the next release of onCourse. Please let us know what you think and whether it meets your needs.