Automatically add items to web checkout using upgraded checkout links

Overnight, we’ve introduced a way of helping users automatically add any course, class and product – or a combination of the three – to their web checkout with a single click of a link.

How does it work?

Normally, the checkout link on your website would appear like the below example:

If a user was to click this link, they would be taken to the checkout page of your website, but it would be empty and they would be directed back to the /courses page to find and select a course to enrol in.

But what if you already knew what a student wanted to enrol in? What if you wanted to control the path of enrolment through automation? Now you can, by sending them the following:

On clicking this link, the user would be taken to the checkout again, but it would now be populated with the course using code ENRL.

You can easily combine queries and items to make more complex bundles as well (although keep in mind bundling like this does not automatically take advantage of relationship discounts!).

Learn more about the specific checkout queries you can use in our manual, here.

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Hi James, would this work with being able to send an application that is successful to the checkout bypassing them having to go to the course then clicking ‘Enrol’ to proceed to pay?

e.g. instead of:


we could potentially go


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Hi James,

Right now this functionality can pass in to the checkout courses, classes and products - things available on the website for purchase. We don’t have any plans to extend this out to applications just yet, though we may look into that in the future. It’s a good idea.