Automation status & self healing scripts

You may notice a new section on the onCourse Dashboard from today - it’s called Automation Status and, true to its name, it informs you of the status of the automation tasks that were last run by the system, showing whether they were successful or not.

This ‘at-a-glance’ view lets you know straight away how the system is operating when no one is looking, alerting you to any potential issues sooner rather than later. Hover your mouse over an icon to see the time stamp for that script execution.

There’s also a new script, called ‘Check critical emails sent’, that’s been included to help in those situations where something has gone wrong and critical emails like enrolment confirmations, payment advice or invoices aren’t being sent as expected. The system can tell when these messages haven’t been generated or sent, and this script runs every morning and gathers all of those records from the last 7 days, then sends out each corresponding email that had earlier failed to send.

This script is enabled by default and requires no action on your end, so you can have confidence that, in the event of an outage and then recovery, any of those missed enrolment or payment emails will get to those students, letting you get on with your day.

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