AVETMISS 10 and the future

In late 2019 the VET Data Streamlining Group was established to explore where VET reporting should go next. The work involved private consultations with RTOs and Software providers (including ish) and then a broader technical working group was established.

After a series of meetings through 2020 it became apparent that the goals are:

  • A single reporting endpoint (that is you report to one place which distributes your data to NCVER, state funding, etc)
  • An API (that is, a way for your onCourse system to automatically send data without intervention)
  • Real time (or near real time, maybe daily) reporting
  • As few changes to the actual AVETMISS data set as possible
  • A better validation engine with clear rules and clear responses when data doesn’t match those rules.

It is an interesting project and could save a lot of work. Unfortunately there are a couple of non-goals at the moment:

  • Only a couple of state training services are involved. So it could take years to create a national fully integrated system.
  • Secrets. Validation rules are still secret. API is secret. An open source style approach is not yet on the cards, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to copy their validation rules into the onCourse user interface. Instead we have to guess and fix them when we hit new rules.
  • Not an ambitious project. Right now the goal is to create a proof of concept. That’s is.

Still, its pretty promising direction.

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