Banking changes in onCourse version 94

There’s an important change coming to the way some of the banking is done in onCourse; specifically to do with payment reversals.

Prior to onCourse version 94, when you reversed a payment, that reversal was attached to the asset account set in your onCourse financial preferences ( So if you had a payment into bank account A, but your preferences set to bank account B, then the reversal would be linked to bank account B.

From this release, any new payment reversals will be linked to the bank account from the original payment. The preference is no longer used.

IMPORTANT: This change will not affect payment reversals which have already been created even if they aren’t banked. When you go to bank these payments, they will still automatically post to the preference asset account which existed at the time you created that reversal.

Overall this is a change that most of you won’t ever notice, but feel free to ask any questions you may have below regardless.