Bulk add course to documents

Back in July the way docs were changed so that any documents that tutors used to be able to access via the portal had to be attached to the contact (later finding out through a task it was courses instead).

Can there be a way to bulk add courses to a document through ‘Documents’ so that we can have the tutors be able to see that document (for example: Tutor Handbook) through the portal instead of having to attach the doc to the course one at a time? When you have a lot of docs for the tutors to be able to access, having to manually add them in takes up a fair amount of admin time, especially when creating new courses from scratch.

Could you distribute the handbook in a different way?

  1. A link on a tutor resource page on your public site. (If its OK to make public)
  2. A link you email periodically (for example in class confirmation emails, or class reminders) which points to the URL from onCourse’s document management.
  3. Resources you make available in an LMS of your choice (combined with onboarding and other tutor education).

Would any of those work?

Hi Ari, no because this document is only for tutors to look at as it contains sensitive information. We do already do the first two options for some other docs, the last option will not work for us because we don’t use any LMS at all (with the exception of TAE but this handled differently) so I’d really need to ability to bulk add a doc to the courses, especially with about 8 or 9 docs to add per course.