Change to globally shared documents

For some time, the skillsOnCourse portal has had a feature to allow documents to be shared to all students or all tutors across the entire system.

Sometime after 19 July that feature will be removed since it is rarely used and prone to error.

Instead we recommend putting documents on a public page of your website, sharing a link via email, or attaching the document to every course for which it should be shown.

If you’ve got any questions about this change, please post them below!

Hi James, we have certain documents that we only want the tutors to see and not the general public (our tutor contract they have to sign for example), and these are currently set up as below:

At the moment we have about 19 of these documents all set up so the tutor can log into the portal at any time and just see these all under Resources. From my understanding this will be now no longer occur after mid-July?

How do we go about maintaining a “private area” for these kinds of documents where they can access this information without having to request a link anytime they need to look at it?

Hi James, does this include documents we use for our website?

Hey James,

So in this case you’d either attach the document to all the contact records of the tutors, or to all of their courses, and set the permissions as ‘Shared on Portal’ & ‘Show to tutors’.

I appreciate that this may mean some extra work when it comes to setting things up intially, however this solution will ultimately mean less unexpected problems with documents showing up where they shouldn’t be moving forward.

Hi Rachelle,

No, this change will only affect documents currently set to show on the portal but aren’t attached to any records in onCourse. The website permissions will remain separate and unaffected by this change.