Collecting vaccination status

Everyone preparing to return to face-to-face is thinking about how to do that safely and in accordance with the still vague government rules for how it will work. Its fairly certain that some proof of vaccination will be required for students and tutors, so how will you implement this process?

We’ve been asked about adding a checkbox or even document upload to the enrolment process. You can today add any additional questions to the enrolments (and just for face-to-face courses). And soon you’ll be able to add document uploads as well. But is this the best approach?

In my opinion, adding data collection to the student or enrolment records to collect this status is not ideal.

  1. Vaccination status can change over time. Someone not vaccinated today could be done by the time the class starts.
  2. Vaccination requirements might change over time. How will you update your records if in the future boosters will be required every 12 months?
  3. Is trusting the user checking a box enough, or will you be required to sight something or have some QR code checkin process anyway?
  4. Are you equipped to validate PDF uploads, both in terms of the skill of detecting fakes and the workload of looking at them all?

Given that you’ll most likely need to check again on the day of the class (and maybe for every session as part of the check-in), perhaps a sufficient approach is to customise the T&C checkbox in the online enrolment to explicitly bring their attention to vaccination rules and make students accept that as a contractual requirement.

To this end, we are rushing through some development to allow the T&C checkbox text to be customised. Right now you can change the link, but not the text “I understand the enrolment, sale and refund policy.”. You might like to change that to something like:

[ ] I understand the enrolment, sale and refund policy. I agree that I will be double vaccinated before the first day of any face to face class.

What do you think? Will this do what you all need?

Thanks Ari, no this is not something we would want on our checkout.

@sandra.mckinney How will you handle the vaccine mandate, in terms of letting students know their obligations?

Note that the example above is just an example. You’ll be able to customise this.

Hi Ari,

Once we can get a consensus from legal on the public health order and our requirements on vaccines we will look at how to manage this. At the moment it is not clear and if not part of the PHO then it’s a business decision we will need to make but we definitely do not want it on the checkout at this point in time.

When you are ready to make that call, the new feature we rolled out today might help: Edit the Terms & Conditions checkbox text in Checkout

If you do nothing, everything will work as it does today.

It is good to have this feature available if we need it. We are still having those discussions around whether people do need to be double vaxxed, given that we aren’t going back to face to face training this year.
The other area is with our trainers, who we will be asking if they are double vaxxed. I think we will just ask them to upload a document proving this. But I am going to have to take their word for it - I have no idea how to spot a fake!

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