Creditcard Transaction Fee

I had several discussions with Ari about this. Many, if not most booking type websites are charging a transaction fee these days. If I think back to our own history, we once charged a telephone booking fee. Customers seem to accept this.
Ari raised questions about the accounting that might be involved. Where and how is the fee to be accounted? Is it part of the fee and to be returned if the student is refunded? Or is it a service that is charged for the transaction and therefore not refundable? I am unsure of the NSW consumer law and some research would need to be undertaken.
What is clear to usr here at Sydney Community College is that the cost charged back to us by the credit card suppliers is significant. Recouping this cost is very important to our longer term future.
This I see would be a feature in the onCourse checkout that may be turned on or off depending on the preference of the using organisation.
The best way to deal with it from our point of view, would be by way of a percentage that may be changed from time-to-time. That way, it might be applied to all transactions, large or small.
Looking forward to discussing this


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