Deleted documents will be permanently purged after 30 days

Until now onCourse would keep “deleted” documents forever. They were deleted only in that they became detached from any records, but hung around just in case you needed to restore them.

With onCourse version 60 any documents which are moved to the bin are now automatically permanently deleted after 30 days. They will be gone completely. There are no further backups.

  • Documents can be marked for deletion by putting them in the bin by highlighting a record in document list view > clicking the cogwheel > selecting ‘Send to Bin’.
  • Every Sunday in the morning, documents that are in the bin that have not been modified for 30 days or more will be deleted.
  • If there are documents in the bin you wish to save from deletion, you can highlight the record > click the cogwheel > select ‘Retrieve from Bin’. This will restore the document.

Why are we doing this?

Although it is important for onCourse to keep an audit trail of compliance documentation, it has also become important to manage storage sizes and be able to comply with privacy rules and delete certain types of personal data completely. This is needed in Europe for the GDPR and in other privacy regulatory schemes.

How can I avoid my team making mistakes?

If you want to restrict who can perform this action, make sure you set up your user access rights appropriately.

There will be a script that is on by default that will collate a list of all documents that are due for deletion and will send an email to your preferred onCourse administrator email address, listing all documents marked for deletion next week. This email will contain links back to the document records. You can adjust this script to suit your review needs.

Thanks for this. I see the rationale and agree. The safety of a weeks warning is good. Just making sure that once we receive the list, a document checked as deleted can still then be unchecked? I assume it can.


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Hi Garry,

Sure can - documents marked for deletion can be restored, although it must be done before the deletion scripts run early Sunday morning. They can be restored in one of two different ways:

  1. In the documents list view, turn on the ‘Bin’ filter and highlight the document you want restored. Then click the cogwheel and select ‘Restore from Bin’.
  2. In the record of a document marked for deletion there is a Restore button. Clicking this will remove it from the bin.