Documents in data collection

There are situations were it would be useful for students to be able to upload documents as part of an enrolment or application process. For example, where they need to provide provide of id like a driver’s license or some proof of previous qualifications.

We should be able to add a data collection form element of type document for them to submit.
Problems to solve

  • Since our document store is currently non-deletable, we need a way to permanently delete documents uploaded in error. Students could upload offensive or inappropriate material.
  • We need to implement size limits
  • We need to bill customers for storage since this has the potential to blow out storage sizes
  • We should think about document lifecycle rules (eg to delete documents after a period of time)

Perhaps a separate S3 bucket is needed to separate this type of content.

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I definitely would like to see this feature developed. We would like photo ID and licenses to be uploaded to the students documents during the enrolment process.

I agree with the ability to delete the files, we often get poor quality photos or wrong documents.

Just looking on my phone, a picture I took was 7.3MB in size, so maybe 10MB per file as a limit.

With storage, perhaps structure it like google, first 15G free and then $$ for more

We would be not deleting photo ID or licenses, we would even download and back them up to our local server.

Ideally, I’d like to add a custom field for collection of photo id, if there was an option with the data type to be “file” and it saves the file to their documents.

Hey Mark,

Appreciate you responding here. You’ll be glad to know that part of this overall problem is already solved in that we now allow documents to be deleted - they are marked for deletion and then removed after 30 days, so you have time to review and make sure nothing is being deleted that you want to keep.

I do like the idea of a file custom field. Although on your point around collecting photo ID, do you do anything with this photo ID, as in print it anywhere? Or is it purely to add to their contact record?

Hi James,

We use photo ID for three reasons:

  • To verify that the student attending a classroom session is the person that enrolled

  • For online proctoring/verification of identity (moodle takes snapshots of students whilst attempting certain activities)

  • Creation of personalised lockout tag (safety tag)

So ideally would you collect two things:

  1. Photo id (eg driver’s license) which you can use to match the photo to an image
  2. An image of the student (probably something better than what you’d crop from the photo id)

Perhaps once you verified the photo in (2) against (1) you might want to delete (1) from your system to avoid keeping sensitive records around?

With the new native phone student portal we are developing, it will be easier for a student to capture a selfie inside the app.

We maintain the students photo ID (driver license or passport), electrical license and other documents(evidence of previous study) on our internal server. It saves us asking for it when they complete multiple courses with us.

Given the fairly tight rules in Australia around holding that kind of data, it might be worth considering keeping the photo but discarding the passport scan once you have used it to verify the photo.

ID scanning — OAIC specifically rules out keeping ID for future possible use.

Your feedback is really useful and we are thinking about ways in onCourse to make it easier for you to match the photo and then tag the image as verified. We want to make this process easier and not add any extra steps for you.

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