Donations at the Checkout

Many organisations with deductible gift status, seek and take donations at the point where the customer pays for a service. If onCourse had a drop down donations options at the checkout, perhaps pre-populated with the minimum tax deductible amount, this might be a good way for charities to raise some extra funds.

Receipts would need to be altered and account system adjusted of course.

Any thoughts?



I’d like to see this implemented if possible too. At the moment for WEA, we have to use a series of Products ranging from $2 (the min amount) upwards in various amounts to achieve this.

Ideally, I’d like to see it either as something similar in what we can do with Vouchers where you can create one “donation product” and have it as “set your own price” (e.g. like a gift voucher) but having to restrict it so the amount cannot be input below $2 OR alternatively, something like a check box in the Checkout page where they can tick it if they want to donate and then input the amount instead .

PS - I use a bit of code that looks up the relevant Account Code for Donations in our Tax Invoice email templates to include a little message in it if some has purchased a donation product through us. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll look it up on my end and paste it here.

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Hi Garry and James,

Let me do some thinking on how we could approach something like this and I’ll jot some ideas down here when I have a moment.