Duplicating Courses, Classes and Sessions

If you’re someone who regularly creates or edits course, classes and sessions, then you’ll want to know how duplication works.

Duplicating courses, classes and sessions can be useful for several reasons; if you need to make a small change to an old course for an upcoming new version, if you want to make lots of classes for the one course that all share the same basic site/room/tutor set up, and for when you want to make a class with lots of sessions instead of making one at a time.

How to duplicate a course/class

To duplicate a course or a class, you can do so from the course or classes list view window. Simply highlight the course/class record, click the cogwheel and select ‘Duplicate records’ ( will be the number of records you’ve highlighted)

How to duplicate sessions

To duplicate sessions, go into the class record thats sessions you want to duplicate > click the timetable heading so the section expands, then hover your mouse over the session you want to duplicate and click the ‘repeat’ icon (it looks like some papers sitting over each other). Enter the number of repeat sessions and the days you want them to aappear on, the click ‘Create Sessions’.