Export AVETMISS 8 UI update - Started (not assessed)

Users who regularly access the Export AVETMISS 8 window will notice that we’ve got a new switch in the pre-export search results called “Don’t require assessment” that appears in the Started (not assessed) box. This ties directly into the use of assessment tasks in onCourse, as well as the class training plan, to give users a way of tracking meaningful engagement in an outcome.

As the name suggests, outcomes that appear here have past their set start date but also a) do not have any associated assessment submissions, or b) do not have any related assessment tasks on the associated class.

If users DO NOT wish for students to require a submitted assessment before an outcome is reported as starting, then turn this switch ON and the associated outcomes will export as (70) continuing. That is the only change to the current exporting method with this additional feature.

If users DO wish to track meaningful outcome engagement using assessment tasks, leave this switch OFF. With the switch off, the outcomes that are missing a submitted assessment task against them–meaning that the class has attached assessment tasks, those assessment tasks have been associated with outcomes, and that students have a recorded assessment submission for that task–will be exported as an (85) not yet started. Outcomes with submitted assessments will be included in the ‘Commenced’ box and will export as a (70) continuing.

We’ve clearly marked what impact the switch will have when interacting with it; while it’s active the export window tells you that all the ‘Started (not assessed)’ outcomes will be exported as continuing (70), and while inactive the window advises that these outcomes will be exported as starting in 7 days (85). This will update as you turn the switch on/off.

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