Flexible tutor rostering

As a part of our latest upgrade to onCourse, we’ve released a new feature that changes how tutors are assigned to sessions, the hours they work and the way the roster is confirmed for the generation of payroll.

In short, tutor rostering allows you to create a tutor roster that is separate from the session times. For example you might have an English class with a session starting for students at 11am and ending at 2pm, but perhaps you want the tutor to work from 10:30am to 2:30pm. With our new tutor rostering feature, this is now possible.

If you don’t wish to use tutor rostering, then simply continue to set the session times as per usual; tutor hours will always match the session by default. But read on for how these changes affect payroll.

In the screenshot above you can see the session and rostered times for the tutor on the session are the same. To set this differently, expand the seciton by clicking the chevron and set the new roster times. Just like before you can set payable duration as well, so if the tutor is working 3 hours but should be paid 3.5 hours, you can do this easily.

Confirming a tutor’s roster/attendance for payroll purposes has also changed slightly. No longer is this done in ‘Attendance’, but in the same place you set the roster - on each session. You can only confirm a tutor’s payroll after the session has run, never before.

Once a session has run, a status will appear next to each tutor’s name - PAY NOT CONFIRMED 3H, which for example shows this tutor is expected to be paid for 3 hours work. This is an unconfirmed status. Switch the status to PAY CONFIRMED to confirm the pay, or DON’T PAY if the tutor was absent for purposes of payroll.

As before the update, you can bulk confirm any tutor payroll that is both added to the class budget and has a session in the past by using the ‘Generate tutor pay’ function in the cogwheel menu.

Sessions where the tutor has been paid will show as ‘PAID’.

We’ve released a new update to onCourse today, which includes a couple of small changes around how the Tutor Rostering feature works, that hopefully makes it simpler to understand and see what’s happening at a glance.

Please feel free to leave any comments you have on these updates below.