Improve usability of Memberships on Contact pages


We have started making greater use of Memberships. We would appreciate it if a few changes could be made to allow easier glanceability of Memberships and their expiry dates on Contact profiles. I have made a mockup of how these changes could look:

The changes that would be most helpful are:

  • “Traffic light” indicators for glanceable membership status.
  • Expiry dates are visible at the top level & memberships are sorted by expiry date from newest to oldest.
  • Chips in the App Bar to make active Memberships easy to see anywhere in the profile (Chips for Concessions would also be great!)

If these changes could also appear in Contact Insights that would be amazing.


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@james just wanted to make sure you saw this, please let us know what you think!

Hey Griffen,

I really like the look of these suggestions. Let me discuss them with the team - I’d like to look at getting them implemented eventually.

We aren’t working too much on features just at the moment as we have some pressing items to work on, but once we’re back in feature mode I’ll definitely put this forward.


Glad to hear you like the suggestions!
When you do have time to implement them, we would be happy to talk with you to give you a better idea of how we use memberships so we can figure out the best solutions for usability.