Introducing Quotes to onCourse

Last week we showed you how Leads can help you manage your sales process in onCourse. One important element in this process is also new to onCourse; Quotes.

Quotes are like an invoice, except they can be edited as many times as you need to, right up until you convert them into an invoice. You can add and remove quote lines, change the lead and the invoice contact, change amounts, accounts, add to course or class budgets; everything you can do with a normal invoice.

A quote can be created from one of two places:

1. Invoices List View - Click the + button and select ‘Create Quote’. Make sure to have created the lead already so you can manually associate it with the quote in order to save it.
2. Within a Lead - Inside the lead record (see below), click the + button next to ‘Invoices’ to start a new quote. This has the advantage of automatically associating the quote with the lead.

A Quote record must be associated with a lead in order to be saved.

Quotes can be provided to customers in PDF form by generating the default Quote PDF report.

Once your customer has accepted your quote, convert it into an invoice by finding it in the invoices list view using the ‘Quotes’ filter, highlight it and select from the cogwheel ‘Convert quote to invoice’.


Like all invoices, once a quote is converted to an invoice, it can no longer be edited.

Learn more about Quotes on our YouTube channel, or by watching the introduction below. (ish - YouTube). If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about our new Quotes functions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.