Leads in onCourse

Leads in onCourse are the best way to track an expression of interest in anything you are selling, be it a product, a course, voucher, membership or a combination of things.

Leads are similar to, but much more flexible than Waiting Lists. Where a waiting list can be for only one course, leads can link to many products and courses. And Leads can have notes and documents. It is likely that in the future, we’ll import all your waiting lists into leads.

Leads are fairly open-ended, only requiring an associated contact record.

In a Lead you can set the number of students involved, give it an estimated dollar value, create any number of quotes (we’ll share more on Quotes next week) which can then be turned into invoices, set a preferred site (or sites), attach documents and leave notes.

Most importantly, to help track a lead through your internal sales process you can set tags to leads - this allows you to create an easy process using tags with which you can apply and remove them as needed to mark where a lead is through your sales process.

The ‘Next action on’ date is useful to mark when someone should take the next action in your sales process. You can use this field to set up custom filters that—like in the screenshot shared below—group together the next records to be actioned within the time period set in your filter. For example, if you want to see all the leads you need to action tomorrow, you’d make a custom filter using the query:

nextActionOn tomorrow


Leads can be assigned to different users in your system, allowing you assign leads to users in your sales team.

Once a lead has completed its journey, set its status from Open to Closed. Contacts can have as many leads associated with them as you need, making leads a perfect way track any kind of expression of interest you might receive, be it from a single student or a large corporation.

Learn more about Leads on our YouTube channel, or by watching the introduction below. (ish - YouTube)

Thanks guys, this is an excellent feature.

A random question, would the user be able to fill in the lead form from the website as they do with the waiting list, or is it only limited to the staff form onCourse end?

Right now, it is limited to staff. However in the coming months we’ll merge the Waiting List feature into Leads and allow you to collect leads on the website.

Excellent thank you.

First, I think this is a great feature. Thinking about how we might use it and integrate it with our marketing, I can see an API integration with Mailchimp would be useful. What I mean by that is:

  1. We send an email campaign to existing contacts with onCourse.
  2. That campaign has links to course/class pages on our website
  3. The contact clicks through to a link.
  4. Mailchimp records that journey

We could now go to the Mailchimp report and manually create leads in onCourse. What would be better is some kind of script magic that did that for us.

That’s very interesting. I couldn’t find any way to be notified by Mailchimp with click tracking, but we could write our own click tracking built into your website.

My question is: when would you expect to create that Lead? That is, there is no point creating a thousand leads for everyone who clicked a link unless you are going to follow them up. And if your only follow up will be inside Mailchimp, then we don’t need to create a lead in onCourse.

So what sort of user action would be enough to warrant a more extensive human follow up? Perhaps adding something to a shopping basket? Or something else?

You are own the money by asking when should the lead be created. If for instance we have a promotion that results in a number of click throughs, and many of these result in purchases, the lead creation is not such an issue. If however we have a number of click throughs and there is a disappointing number of purchases, then lead generation becomes important. Perhaps in this instance, a manual lead creation process may be the most effective?

Looking at a recent promotion, one class URL was reached by about 140 contacts yet no enrolments resulted. In this instance, the class price was high. I’m not sure how long it would take to create 140 leads and then send an offer but perhaps that’s the easiest approach.

What might be added to the shopping basket? Not sure where you are going with that.

The new Lead concept in onCourse was designed around a connection between a contact and a specific product/course (or several). In typical CRM nomenclature we have:

Lead → Prospect → Opportunity

  • Leads are very much unqualified. People on your mailing list perhaps.
  • Prospects have some sort of special quality that makes them interesting to follow up. Perhaps they have expressed an interest in a particular product.
  • Opportunities are someone you are actively pursuing in your sales process

So the question is: when would you want to make leads in onCourse? What will you do with them? If they have reached the stage when it is economical to have a human give them individual attention, then certainly. Before that depends on what you want to do.

If your goal is to just send them personalised mailchimp newsletters, then perhaps there is nothing to be gained in getting that info into onCourse.

If you want to drive them to registering their interest in a specific course, then we might look at ways to expand the current Waiting List registration on your website to be a more general expression of interest, and have that feed back into Leads.