Making use of Timetable view

Inside the class record is where you’ll commonly find a timetable in onCourse, but did you know that we have a dedicated Timetable window that can show you all upcoming classes for students, tutors, a room or a site, or every class you have currently planned?

Visit the Timetable window (type ‘Timetable’ into dashboard search) and you’ll be welcomed with the above view.

You can change the type of timetable you’re viewing at the bottom in the search query window, choosing between all sessions, a tutor, contact, student, class, course, room or site. Just select the type of record, and then use the query language to complete your search.

Alternatively, navigate to the record you want to see the Timetable for (except for class, where you’ll see the traditional class timetable view) and click the Timetable button.

The calendar in the top-left is interactive; click a date to move to that day, get an idea of which days are free at a glance by seeing if they have a dot under the date or not.

You can also view the gaps in your timetable with gap view. Just click the drop-down box in the top-right and select Gap (Days) or Gap (Hours). Below in an example of the Gap (Hours) view, which shows you a breakdown of all classes across the hours of the day.

There’s plenty more covered in our manual, so click here to learn more!