Move to open source

ish and its founder have long been strong advocates for open source and contributed thousands of hours toward a range of open source projects.

We are exploring what parts of onCourse itself could become open source and are working to ensure all parts are unencumbered, ready for that move.

As part of this we are evaluating our pricing model to ensure we can continue to have a sustainable business model and give our customers more freedom and control.

Convert docs to asciidoc
Remove proprietary doc digrams
Release docs under CC license
Create plugin mechanisms in onCourse
Remove proprietary integrations (like Xero, TCSI, etc)
Allow plugins to extend data model
Remove proprietary website replication plugin
Choose open bug tracker - not completed
Review pricing - not completed
Release onCourse under AGPL3

Update: A step on this path has now been completed. The onCourse docs repository is available here: GitHub - ishgroup/onCourseDocs: Documentation for all parts of the onCourse student management system