New 'places available' graph in Courses

In our latest release we’ve included a new graph for course records, called ‘Places available’. This graph will show you a 180-day history of available places across all classes for this course, as well as a 60-day projection for future classes.

As a new class is made available for students, the number of places goes up. You can track the number of places over time, and when a class starts, those unfulfilled places will fall off the graph.

Each informational dot has a hover state with more information in it; course name and code, the date and the number of places added/lost. Just hover your mouse cursor over one to see.

Projected data uses the last 180-days worth of data to try and predict when future places might be sold, or will become lost as a class starts.

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What’s this graph for? Its really a supply/demand analysis. The product stock you sell is comprised of places available across all your classes and you need to know when you’ll be running out of stock to sell. In this case, you can see that you’ll have nothing available for students to buy 20 days from now.

Think of places available as perishable stock. The tomatoes in your shop which go off the day the class commences. Every seat you fill before that date is almost pure profit since the marginal cost of delivering those seats is almost zero once you commit to running the class.

Being able to better understand the patterns of how much stock you are discarding and when that happens is important to planning the timing of your marketing. It also important to see what product is available at any time to prospective students browsing your shelves.

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This is very useful in determining and reviewing demand. One question- see screenshot - what does “places lost”


They are the places which were available in the class but are now expired since the class commenced without them being sold. There is an assumption that once the class starts you can no longer sell them.

Its worth noting that one the right side of the graph (to the right of the green today line), the slope of the graph is only an estimate. That is we use the sales rate of the past to predict future sales and therefore how many places will sell each week.