New Release - onCourse 117

We’ve just released onCourse 117, which brings with it a number of fixes and quality of life improvements. Feel free to discuss any of the changes below.

Minor features

  • Improved perormance when updating records with lots of data associated with them OD-17212
  • In the AVETMISS 8 Export, Indigneous status is no longer affected by the student’s country of birth, as per NCVER guidelines OD-17355
  • The validation from the field ‘Level’ in Qualification records has been removed. OD-14722
  • Added a new column available for use in the Outcomes list view, called ‘Printed Certificate’. This simply shows whether the outcome is attached to at least one printed, non-revoked certificate or not. If it does, the column will show ‘Yes’, otherwise it will be empty. OD-14203


  • Fixed an issue where documents would sometimes show the ‘discard changes’ message after first upload OD-17370

  • Fixed an issue where changing the session start time wouldn’t adjust the session end time and tutor roster correctly OD-17369

  • Fixed an issue where saving a Qualification sometimes wouldn’t update record save state OD-17357

  • Fixed an issue that could cause tagging AQL requests to not find records OD-17352

  • Fixed an issue where documents that were attached to a course and had the ‘show in portal’ switch ‘off’ would show in the portal. These documents no longer show in the portal, as expected. OD-17339

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar could open to a different date in browsers that aren’t Google Chrome OD-17336

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar date picker wasn’t working in the Calendar view OD-17334

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a list view to stop working for some users if they tried adding certain columns OD-17317

  • Fixed an issue where sorting by classes by session could cause problems in the classes list view OD-17316

  • Fixed an issue where the intermediate certificate for the server wasn’t properly generated on system startupo/restart OD-17292