New Release - onCourse 118

We’ve just released onCourse 118, which brings with it a number of fixes and quality of life improvements. Feel free to discuss any of the changes below.

1. Minor features

  • Added the ability to create transactions via scripts OD-17492
  • PDF Backgrounds can now be downloaded as PNG files. OD-17468
  • The PDF Backgrounds window now features enhanced previews OD-17468
  • PDF Backgrounds can now be uploaded in a variety of formats, including .jpg, .tif and .png files OD-17468
  • Added the ability to bulk edit outcome start and end override dates OD-17427
  • Added the ability for find anything search on the dashboard to look for middle names. OD-17389
  • Added a new parameter to Contacts that can be called in export and reports called totalInvoiced - shows to the total value in $ invoiced to the contact OD-17403
  • Added a new integration for Kronos systems. With this integration you can send your tutor session rosters directly to your Kronos Workforce Ready system. OD-17266
  • Added the ability to add an item to Favourites directly from find anything search OD-17161
  • Added a new Voucher email template that clearly displays the remaining value and their voucher code OD-17055

2. Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where invoices could show an owing amount if more than one payment type was used in Checkout OD-17496
  • Fixed an issue where users were incorrectly asked to save or discard changes when navigating from a record via the global navigation OD-17487
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the global navigation column OD-17482
  • Fixed an incorrect description for the script block in Automations OD-17460
  • Fixed an issue where completed checklists were appearing in the timetable as a tag OD-17458
  • Fixed an issue where you can’t remove Sites from a lead OD-17384
  • Fixed an issue where enabling some columns in list view could cause the window to crash and be upopenable again for that user OD-17361
  • Fixed a number of small UI issues OD-16804
  • Increased the amount of time it take for web checkout to timeout based on feedback from Windcave. This will hopefully resolve any issues experienced by people who leave the checkout sitting dormant for a few minutes or more OD-17371
  • Increased readability of nested lists in contacts OD-17073
  • Class attendance and assessment submissions are now all ordered alphabetically to help with readability OD-15965
  • Small improvements to default contact merging controls OD-13369