Note and attachment visibility from contact to related records

When looking at a contact record, it would be useful to be aware of documents and notes attached to related records, for example enrolments, leads or applications.

We want to encourage people to put those attachments and notes in the place closest to the relevant record (eg at the enrolment), rather than clutter the contact with all the history.

Hi Ari,

From a lead and sales pipeline and then customer service management prospective, having it all in one place works. It means if a call comes in to customer service they can actually assist with the enquiry. If it’s on another record and they have not dealt with the enquiry themselves there is a total disconnect of information which leads to poor customer service and customer journey. If the goal is to keep it separate is there an option to show there are other records in existence eg application that shows in the contact in the same way a waitlist record does? I can say one ASQA audit comment was the inability to follow the customer journey with current SMS.

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