onCourse 113 - Navigation & Automation Updates

Hi everyone,

As a part of our latest group of updates, we’re continuing to work on improving the UI to make things easier to discover, particularly for new users. With that, we’ve introduced categories to the navigation.

In each category is a detailed explanation of what you’ll find, along with individual descriptions for each window, which we hope will make things very clear for all onCourse users, as well as increase some of the discoverability of different features of onCourse that some of you may not know about.

This short (less than 3 minutes) video explains everything you need to know about the navigation, or you can visit the manual to read up on the changes there too.

Another area we’ve updated the look of is Automations. Scripts are now known simply as Automations, and to help tidy up the long list of automations in onCourse, we’ve introduced the automation library.

Automations added to your system from the library appear under ‘Installed Automations’ in the Automations window. As always, you can click into them to turn them on or off, duplicate them if you have the licence to edit automations and so on.

You can view the Automation Library by going to Automations and clicking ‘Add New’, then browsing the categories available.

I’ve produced another short (less than 4 minutes) video that looks at the Automations UI in detail to help explain how it all works, and of course you can read up on the changes in the manual as well.