onCourse pricing update

We have released out new pricing for onCourse.


This is only the third pricing change for onCourse since we created it 16 years ago, but it is the most significant one so far. All existing users have been grandfathered on your existing plans. We don’t have any plans to change that soon so you can keep going just as you are. Some users who are still on plans from two pricing changes ago will need to update, but we’ll be in touch to ensure that process is smooth.

As part of this transition, we’ve given all our existing customers a set of features that were previously restricted.

  • payroll
  • budgets
  • funding contracts
  • memberships

Everyone now has access to those features right now!

The new pricing is much simpler to understand and starts at the very low USD$10 per month. Website ecommerce charges are now only 1.9% across the board with no monthly website fees regardless of how many sites you create.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your options. If you do nothing, all your pricing will stay exactly as it is now.