Register Option as alternative to pay and enroll

We have several classes that are free for participants.

They are not “free” in total - there is no such thing as a free lunch - as a company will pay for the class upfront for x number of participants.

It would be great if companies could then ask for their staff for register to join the class (it would always be first in type scenario - but that is beside the point).

At the moment we can already do most of what is required, however a lot of potential participants can’t be bothered (I assume it is a case of not bothering) to click all the way through the 4 clicks of the check out process.

It would be great if we could set at the course level if the participants/students need to “pay and enroll” or if they were enrolled through a simple “register” option.

I imagine this option would mean that any classes for the “register” style class would complete the “data collection form” that we set and then once submitted they were successful. In the back end the submission of a “registration” would create the contact (if not already existing) and enroll them into the class. One click as opposed to a 4 click process.

An added bonus would be to add an iCal or other type option but that should be in another Topic!

Hi Nadine

There are a couple of ways we handle your use case.

  1. Create a private class with a $0 enrolment fee. Invoice the company and link the invoice to the class so your budgets still work. Send a link to the class to the students.
  2. Use CorporatePass to allow students to see the fee, but have the invoice sent to the company. onCourse handbook

If the class has no student fee, the payment pages are skipped so its already a very minimal process.

For the calendar integration, that’s already a part of our student portal. We couldn’t add it directly to the checkout unless we also added a login, and we’d like to avoid that extra complexity. But send them to the portal once they’ve enrolled and they will be able to sync their calendar.

Hi Ari, We already do all of what you suggest - but clients still “drop out” before the enrolment is complete.

I was hoping for a 1 click solution.

Even when there is $0 payment there are still 4 screens to get through before the enrolment is finalised. This would only be a nice to have for some of our classes, not all of them.

Start by removing all the questions in your data collection rules. That’s eliminated page two, even for new students. So now the steps are:

  1. name/email
  2. confirm shopping basket selection
  3. accept terms and conditions

I’m not sure you’d want to eliminate any of those actions. What parts do you imagine could be cut?

I’m all for reducing friction, but there has to be some formality for signing up to free classes.

Hi again,

I’ve been thinking a bit more about your goals here. Can you help us understand which parts of the process you’d be happy to bypass in order the reduce the steps?

Could you take enrolments without accepting terms and conditions? Perhaps we can suppress that for you.

Could you take an enrolment without first having the student confirm that what was in their shopping basket was what they expected?

Do you have any data on whether the students who have the problem use mobile or desktop?

Have you seen any other checkout processes which work like you are expecting? Amazon’s one-click is the most well known, but it relies on you already being logged into their website, setting up shipping details, contact information and credit cards. So its one-click but only after you completed their 12 click setup. Is your target audience a group of repeat customers who could benefit from having accepted your terms and conditions once and not get asked again?

Hi Ari,

A lot of questions to answer there. This is not for all our classes BUT rather for only some of our classes. For these particular types of classes, the answers to your questions would be:

  • We are happy for participants to bypass accepting terms and conditions
  • We are also happy for participants to bypass confirming the course they are enrolled in
  • I assume the use case is all desktop but I have no hard evidence of this
  • I can not think of any check out that is similar - other than perhaps when you register or enrol in a video conference - normally you only have to enter your details and then you are “registered” and get an email to confirm the time and date of the conference.
  • Our target audience is a group of one off users - our terms and conditions don’t really apply to this particular group as they are not directly paying for the course. If they cancel their attendance then it is the “payers” responsibility (most often, their employer) to wear the cost of not finding a substitute. We have a contract process directly with the “payer” that sits outside ISH.