Save time later by customising your exports now

onCourse comes loaded with lots of pre-created CSV exports that can be used to collate and review data from your system in another format - typically CSV (or Comma-Separated Values) to be read in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

All of these exports can be edited easily within the Automation section of onCourse so that they output only the information you want. If you spend a little bit of time editing or creating exports so that they only put out the relevant data to your work, you’re saving yourself a whole lot of time sorting and “cleaning” the data once you have it into the spreadsheet software.

Ari covered this in a handy video on our YouTube channel not too long ago when covering our ‘Clipboard’ functionality, which also included a how-to guide on export editing - you can watch it below.

If you’ve got any questions on the process shown in the video, or even if you have your own process that you’d like to share, I’d encourage you to ask or tell us about it below.