SMS marketing guidelines in Australia

I found this interesting FAQ recently regarding the guidelines in place for sending marketing SMS’s in Australia and wanted to share it here, as it very much relates to SMS messages you may be sending from onCourse.

The general takeaways for me are that SMS messages:

  1. Can only be sent with the consent of the recipient
  2. Must include clear sender information
  3. Must contain some sort of unsubscribe function (reply ‘STOP’ to unsusbscribe)

The ACMA website also contains very clear information relating to the Ausralian Spam Act 2003, including examples of suitable unsubscribe functions for both email and SMS -

Follow these guidelines to give your messages the best chance of getting through carrier spam filters.

Yes as marketers we need to know and abide by the rules.
This is one of the reasons why we use an external SMS provider for the majority of our marketing otherwise we have to manually add unsubscribe instructions that eat into our character limit.

No matter how you send SMS, the unsubscribe instructions use characters in the messages you send. onCourse can automatically add those details for you using the message templates.

Thanks Ari, yes aware of that but it doubles the cost which is already more for a single unit cost then we pay with our 3rd party provider today.