Splitting Enrolments in Duplicated Classes

Hi all,

We have a workflow challenge that might contribute towards a useful onCourse feature.

Currently, if a class is really popular and sells out a few weeks in advance, we will often double the class capacity. Then, in the days prior to the class starting, we duplicate it and transfer half the enrolments across to the duplicated class. There are a couple of reasons we do it like this:

  1. It allows for equally sized classes
  2. It means we can split the class based on age/friendships etc.
  3. It allows us to allocate tutors to a particular group and to be more selective about which teacher is the best fit for a class (e.g. who gets the older group and who gets the younger).

The big problem with this is of course the time factor, as it often results in about 80 extra enrolment transfers each week, happening during our busy delivery periods. It also causes challenges with mapping pattern of sale data, as it suggests a big skew of enrolments in the days leading up to a course, which of course isn’t accurate.

Obviously a simple fix would be to just duplicate the class and put the duplicated class on sale, but that doesn’t allow us to manage students as we need to in the ways mentioned above. Would be great to get some feedback on whether a new feature could be introduced to streamline this process and make it less cumbersome to transfer the enrolments across.


Hi James,

The big issue here is resources - tutor and rooms. If you allocate the resources to a time slot and double the capacity, then split the class, I can’t see how this feature could help. The room and tutor resource remains unavailable. It’s better to have a timetable of popular classes established and as they fill make new classes available. Or am I talking at cross purposes?


Hi Garry,

Thanks for getting back to me.

We run a program of short courses and rooms and tutors are not so much of a problem for us. If a class is really popular, we just book an extra room and offer work to an extra tutor. The challenge for us is more the manual management of enrolments to be able to get the right split of students.

James, would it help if you didn’t create a credit note during the transfer and instead discounted the new enrolment in the transfer to zero?

Would that remove the income from the budget of the original class? If so, that wouldn’t be so great for us as we do a lot of ROI and revenue analysis from class budgets.

If you don’t create a credit note, the original income should still be linked to the original class.