Student and tutor portal UI upgrade

We are improving the UI for the portal to better handle future expansion with new features.

Some portal suggestions include:

  • Ability to make changes at a course or organisation level to the accessible features for students and tutors i.e. turning off access to results for non-accredited courses.

  • Stop displaying old courses on dashboard, either for feedback as students or marking the roll

  • Sort or display Class Roll / Resources A-Z

  • Ability to email whole class a simple message through portal - other requests have been asking for ability to send documents as well

  • Ability to download a PDF copy of the class roll through portal (some tutors still like to mark it on paper then mark the roll online after the class is over)

  • Some tutors have multiple classes in a day, so being able to see all classes they are teaching and/or attending on the dashboard on the day when they login instead of the earliest one.

  • Fix display formatting (e.g. italics / bold) for markup for the course details

  • Being able to login “as the tutor” to view what the tutor is seeing on their end for technical issues.

  • Fix the “blank login” cache issue (if possible)

  • Please add paragraph spacing in the comments box for course approval

  • Tutors being able to see what special needs the student has in real time (current task open)

  • Tutors being able to see feedback comments students have submitted (WIP from what I remember?)

  • Alter the feedback page so students know that the comments box is optional, and perhaps add in a tickbox that they can tick if they do want us to display what they say in the testimonials section. We keep getting students asking us if their names will be anonymous when submitting feedback, so perhaps changing that message already there to something more direct would be better to reassure students that the tutor won’t know who the feedback is from.

  • ${subscriptions} should go directly to mailing lists not waiting lists.


Would live to see the follow as new feature:

  • Ability to email whole class a simple message through portal - other requests have been asking for ability to send documents as well

This is something every tutor in every course would use.


Hey Shellie,

Thanks for that feedback. For your use, can you give us some examples of the types of messages they would send?

  • Are they always to the whole class?
  • Do students need to reply?
  • If students reply, should the reply go to all students?

If they want to send out documents, do you need any sort of moderation procedure so that you can sign off on those documents meeting your standards, having the correct copyright licenses, branding, etc.?

We need to consider whether we are better adding this sort of functionality or adding more capability to our LMS integrations which are designed for a rich student/tutor interaction.

Hi Ari,

The emails tutors would send are notifications and would work well as SMS or Email. For example -

Dear students - as it is wet today, please meet at the college instead of the garden.

Dear students - I am unwell today and unable to make it to our class today.

Dear students - Please remember to bring a 2B pencil and 5 sheets of A3 paper to class tomorrow.

Dear students - Please see the link or doc below to complete the homework from todays class.

For the above examples emails would be sent to the whole class more often than an individual student and no response is required.

I/we aren’t really concerned with message approvals or branding ect.

My feeling is that our LMS is used for formal handouts and official course content and communications through OnCourse would be a less formal way to keep students informed quickly.


Great, thanks. Perhaps sending these with some sort of noreply@ from address or a generic info@ address would prevent students thinking they were engaging the tutor in a private conversation.

I see what you are wanting here and we’ll think about how we can best solve this.

Thanks Ari, that sounds good.