Tag filtering now in technicolor!

Our dev team have been working hard on all parts of onCourse and today you’ll see a nice user interface improvement with coloured tags. This will make it easier to visually find the records you want without even having to click the tag filters.

Tag Colours in List & Edit Views

Tag colours are now visible throughout onCourse, in both the edit and list views where tags can be applied. Tag colours will also appear in the list view records as a column.


Tag Group Ordering

Another new change in list views: you can now re-order your tag groups right in the filters column. Just click-and-hold on a tag heading, then drag it up or down the page to where you’d like it to sit, and release the click.


We hope these additions make it easier for you to find what you need while working in onCourse.

Its a bit subtle, but it is worth understanding the relationship between dragging tag groups and the colours displayed.

Because we only show three tag dots in the list, if there are more than three tags on a record we need to pick which three to show. They are shown in the same order as the tags in the left sidebar. This means that by re-ordering those tags you get to choose which ones are shown with higher priority in the list.