TCSI notifications

TCSI produces notifications for errors such as incorrect TFN. Right now those notifications are displayed in the new TCSI portal but nothing is done with them in onCourse. For now, users of TCSI are required to log into their portal to review and act on those notifications.

It is not yet known whether TCSI will send email notifications at some point. And we don’t know whether they will be able to improve performance so that these notifications can be sent in real time.

We might want to write some integration in onCourse to grab these items and email them to a user, or create a ticket in a task tracking system. Or just wait for TCSI to do something more useful at their end.

A significant problem here is that there are no webhooks we can monitor to be notified of a new item to watch. And there is no easy way to detect a problem as resolved. And its not clear that pushing todo items into daily emails is a productive approach. But we should monitor what TCSI do and see if we can make the workflow easier.