Updates to Rich Text fields in onCourse

Originally posted 27-10-2020

Rich text markup in onCourse is changing.

Last week we rolled out some changes to the website #editor that make it easier for you to customise your website content by offering you a choice between three types of markup; legacy, rich text and advanced (html). Rich Text mode offers a very easy-to-use WYSIWYG mode that should help users enter their content in a faster and easier manner, while legacy retains the old behaviour. HTML mode is recommended for advanced users only who wish to use markup in the description fields directly.

Right now we’ve only upgraded Sites with the new feature. You can see the changes by opening a Sites record and clicking any of the description fields.

IMPORTANT - If you change the type from ‘legacy’ to ‘rich text’ you’ll need to update your content so that it uses the correct markup. onCourse will not convert your content for you. For example, in legacy mode headings are created with “h2.” and with rich text mode they are created with “##”.

If using a WYSIWYG editor sounds appealing to you then set the mode to ‘rich text’ and convert your content to the new markdown syntax. If you’re unfamiliar with markdown you can use the WYSIWYG editor to help with this and simply edit your content using the formatting tools.

We have a handy guide in our manual you can reference at any time. Make sure to bookmark it for easy reference.