Website checkout update

We’ve just released a new update for the website checkout that improves the experience of enrolling and applying for classes, or adding students to course waiting lists.

It’s not live on your website just yet - a user with #editor access will need to first log in to the #editor and review it (we also wanted to give you a chance to finish any work you might be currently doing on your site). Once you’re done reviewing, hit the ‘Publish’ button to push the changes into your live website.

IMPORTANT: If you or someone else in your organisation hasn’t published these changes by the 15th March, we’ll publish them for you.

Some of the changes you’ll notice include:

  • Adding potential students to the waiting list is a more streamlined experience.
  • Students can now change their chosen class within the checkout summary by clicking the drop-down box and making a selection(see screenshot below)
  • The thank you/confirmation window has changed to show more relevant information as to what was purchased, rather than generic ‘thank you’ text. You can actually preview this window (without making a transaction now) by making sure you’ve added both a student and a class to the checkout, then from the summary window appending the following to the /checkout URL: