Website search improvements

Search by location

We’ve released an update to the website which allows you to specify a display name for search locations. So you now have these options for showing students locations of your course delivery.


Search for classes held near the Suburb and postcode. While the search may work without the postcode, adding the postcode is essential for some suburbs which are not unique in your country. All results within 100km will be returned with the closest sorted to the top.


Add a parameter for the search radius if you want something other than the default 100km. If you include the radius then results further away will be completely excluded from the results.


Add one more parameter at the end for a label to display to users. So instead of the suburb name, we’ll display “North Sydney” to users of the site.

Search by duration

You can also now search by duration.


Find classes that last this many days, including the start and end days. So a duration of 1 is a single day class.


Find classes with 3 or more days, or 3 or fewer days. Note that the symbols are not in the order you might expect. You need to use +=>+ rather than +>=+


This finds selfpaced classes.

Let us know if you need help integrating these sorts of searches into your site.