Welcome to onCourse

Welcome to the onCourse community.

The purpose of this community is not just to share with you our latest news and updates on onCourse but to discuss the wider onCourse ERP solution, help our community of users - you - take best advantage of its features, discuss how onCourse could be improved and share tips and ideas in a place that allows you to comment and give feedback.

You’ll find ish support staff, product architects and developers on these forums, however if you have a paid support contract please continue to use your existing channels for any urgent issues.

Use this community to share best practices, talk about how you’d like onCourse to better solve your problems and exchange automation components.

Otherwise, thank you for joining us. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to engage with us and your fellow users. Open source onCourse is much more than dumping code on the world or giving you free things - it is about creating a nurturing environment for people to collaborate on ideas as well as code.